True White System: Visibly Whiter Teeth In 7 Days

True White System is a teeth whitening kit that claims to provide a 86% decline in teeth discoloration.

To achieve this goal, its whitening gel syringes contain professional-grade Carbamide Peroxide solution.

True White System - Trial

In this article, this teeth whitening system will be assessed and evaluated.

The review will also talk about the $7.95 risk-free trial that lets you try the product worth $149.95.

Presented at the end is a list of pros and cons plus a final verdict for this teeth whitener.

Having a bright white smile is one of the most appealing traits anyone can have.

A pearly white smile is disarming, easy on the eyes, and speaks volumes about your health.

Unfortunately, most of us have picked up bad habits and ignored some good ones, resulting in poor dental health.

Like how most of us start our day off with coffee and end it with wine. And let’s not forget the last time we brushed our teeth after a meal or before going to bed.

So, these days, the first thing that anyone sees is a set of stained and discolored teeth.

Fortunately, modern science has brought us teeth whitening products that can eliminate those nasty stains on your teeth.

How Do Teeth Whitening Products Help?

When considering whitening your teeth, the option is between going to the dentist and trying an at-home teeth whitening kit.

Going to the dentist is very expensive, but it does provide faster and longer lasting results.

There are a few different types of at-home teeth whitening products that come in pens, strips, and syringes.

The product reviewed here is an at-home teeth whiting system that uses syringes of whitening gel.

The gel in the syringes is meant to be applied to the teeth molding tray that’s provided.

When the tray and LED accelerator are used, you can get whiter teeth in just 20 minutes. The gel is a professional-grade Carbamide Peroxide solution allowing for fast-acting results.

Most people find this type of product easy-to-use, effective and worth the price.

True White System Benefits

What Is True White System?

This is an at-home teeth whitening kit that claims to give you whiter teeth in just seven days.

The official website for True White System claims that it may help:

  • Reduce teeth discoloration by 86%
  • Lighten teeth color by 95%
  • Diminish teeth yellowing by 80%

True White System retail package ($149.95) includes:

  • 1 X Ready-to-use mouth tray – Fits around the teeth to better apply the gel
  • 1 X LED Accelerator – Uses blue light to accelerate the bleaching process
  • 2 X 5ml whitening gel syringes – Enough Carbamide Peroxide solution for ten full whitening sessions
  • 1 X Instruction Manual – A step-by-step guide on maximizing the benefits of this product
  • 1 X Shade Guide – To measure your teeth whitening
Note: You can increase usage of the gel by only applying it on the tooth/teeth you want to be whitened.

What Are The Ingredients In True White System?

The teeth whitening gel found in the syringe is made from Carbamide Peroxide. According to the clinical study on the product, the gel has a 15% Carbamide Peroxide.

This is higher than most products with Carbamide Peroxide and the reason it’s fast-acting.

The ingredients in True White System’s Carbamide Peroxide gel:

  • Carbomer
  • Urea Peroxide
  • Mentha Piperita Oil
  • Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Xylitol
  • Triethanol

Clinical studies have found Carbamide peroxide to release half of its whitening power in the first two hours. Whiting power continues throughout the first six hours.

When the Carbamide peroxide interacts with the teeth, it breaks down into Urea and Hydrogen peroxide. The Hydrogen peroxide then reacts with the teeth stains. Hydrogen peroxide can alter the chemical structure of the teeth stain for true white teeth.

True White System Results

The Manufacturer’s Contact Details:

The official website contains up-to-date information on contacting the manufacturer. You may need this info if you have additional questions or want to return the product. There is also a return address for returns and refunds.

To contact the manufacturer of the True White System:

  • Email:
  • Call: 844-265-1506 (Timings: Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm EST)
  • Return Address: 14747 N Northsight Blvd Ste Ste 111-197, Scottsdale AZ 85260

How To Use The True White System?

The official site and user manual provide a step-by-step guide on how to make the best use of this product.

Here is a summary of the five steps to using True White System:

  1. Brush and floss your teeth properly to provide a clean and smooth surface for the whitening gel.
  2. Take the filled syringe as squeeze some gel onto the tray provided. Take the tray and put it into your mouth until it fits into the shape of your teeth. Make sure the gel doesn’t spill out of the tray onto your gums or lips.
  3. Next comes the LED accelerator. Take it out of the shield it comes with, wipe it clean and put it between your lips. When in position, switch the LED light on and wait.
  4. The recommended time you should wait before ending the whitening session is 20 minutes. However, you can stop earlier if you don’t need to whiten the teeth further. You can also go about your daily routine while waiting.
  5. After stopping, clean the mouth tray and LED accelerator and put them away. Also, brush and floss your teeth to get rid of any remaining gel. It’s also advised that you don’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after using the whitening gel.

What About Real User Reviews?

Here are two testimonials from real users provided after using this teeth whitening kit:

Matthew, 25:

I have used multiple teeth whitening product over the years. They mostly work about the same way with the only big difference being how quick.

I have a bad smoking habit that causes severe teeth stains. So, I have to periodically use teeth whiteners to reduce the stains.

Anyway, this true white product has been working well enough. I switched to this one because it was more affordable than the Shining Bright Pen I used before.

And after using it for a month, I saw a whitening effect of 5 shades. This is about the average of what most top-tier products I buy provide. And better yet is that I didn’t experience any sensitivity/aches throughout the month.

Christy, 34:

I’ve noticed my teeth getting more discolored for the past half year since I started taking new BP medication. My doctor advised against changing the pills but suggested to try teeth whitening to solve my problem.

So, after looking online, I came across this teeth whitener. I didn’t want to pay $1000 at the dentist so I jumped on this trial offer.

And judging by the revitalized teeth color I have now, this product worked. So, I would say that this is well worth your time to give a try.

Where To Get The Risk-Free Trial?

True White System can be purchased online with the risk-free trial offer only available from the official site.

The trial offer gives you the chance to try out the teeth whitener for a nominal shipping fee of $7.95. This sends you the product (worth $149.95) to your provided address within days.

True White System Risk Free Trial

The Pros Of Buying True White System:

  • The product is easy to use
  • Provides visibly whiter teeth in just seven days
  • Made with clinically proven ingredients
  • Proven to be side-effect free and safe
  • Works better than teeth whitening strips
  • Comes with a risk-free trial for only $7.95

The Cons Of Buying True White System:

  • The risk-free trial only available on the manufacturer’s site
  • Limited to one trial per customer

Final Verdict On This Teeth Whitening System:

Judging by the list of pros and cons, it’s clear there are more benefits to using this product.

This, combined with the clinically proven ingredient and it’s a strong contender to the top-tier at-home teeth whitening kits.

This True White System risk-free trial gets you a $149.95 product for just $7.95 and is worth giving a try.

The FAQs:

Q: Why use an LED Accelerator instead of UV?

A: UV accelerators emit UV rays which can result in an increased risk of cancer.

Q: Is there a True White System customer service phone number I can call for a product return?

A: The customer service can be contacted on 844-265-1506 (Timings: Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm EST).

Q: Is this the same product that was on Shark Tank?

A: It has not been confirmed if this product has been on Shark Tank. However, several online sources have claimed this to be a fact.

Q: Are before and after pictures available for this product?

A: You can find the before and after pictures on the official site.

Q: How frequently can this teeth whitener be used?

A: You can use this every day. Using it multiple times a day can cause tooth sensitivity for some people.

Q: Is it safe?

A: User reviews and clinical studies on this product have found this to be 100% safe and side-effect free.

Q: Is this designed for one person or two?

A: Only one person should use the molding tray provided. Remolding it repeatedly can result in an imperfect mold.

Q: Does the teeth whitening gel work?

A: Carbamide Peroxide reduces teeth stains and brightens teeth. This product also has tons of positive reviews online for its teeth whitening benefits.

True White System

Risk Free Trial







Customer Reviews





  • Professional-grade results
  • Visibly whiter teeth in 7 days
  • No reported side effects
  • Risk-free trial for only $7.95


  • Only purchasable from the official site
  • Limited to one trial per customer

28 True White System User Reviews:

  1. The product is really good and I can still see the results although I have stopped using. Thanks true white system for making my teeth whiter for a longer duration. This makes me more confident and charming.

  2. I am so thrilled to say that this true white system is not a scam. My colleague told me not to use this product as it has the scam rumors and most people are preventing themselves from using it. But, I had to take the risk as my cigarette stains were more uglier and it was a do or die situation for me. So I started using it for a week to see if it works or not. Luckily it does work. I did notice little change in my stain thickness. It got reduced a bit which satisfies me with the fact that the product is not a scam as well as it is a useful product. Thank god!

  3. Lazy peeps like me will think is the best product to use without any extra efforts. Truly, in love already! <3 #truewhitesystem #goodproduct

  4. True White System was suggested by my boyfriend to remove coffee stains healthily and safely. I was not sure if it could work or not but I gave it a try cz he did see results. So, I regularly started using this product and it went on for a month to see the thickness of the stains getting lighter. He was right, this teeth whitening product does help in reducing stains. I am so glad to see teeth whitening results.

  5. Just a few applications of True White System and I was able to get whiter teeth. The best part of it was that it didn’t hurt one bit. After I was done, my wife also tried my kit and also saw some whitening effects. But the mouthpiece doesn’t do well after being molded a few times.

  6. When I ordered True White System the first time, I thought I was crazy to trust an online brand. However, after the first few sessions with the teeth whitener, I was hooked.

    In the end, I even ordered another set for my wife and one for my sister. I plan to give it to them as a gift. Hope they like it.

  7. I remember the times I had cigarette stains on my teeth. When it started to appear first, I simply ignored them but my ignorance ended up making it more ugly. I had lost my charm with such stains but I got the chance to fix my mistakes. My colleague actually recommended me to try True White System. I am using for a few weeks now and I feel the stains have got a bit lighter.

  8. I started to use this product after my teeth got coffee stains. But the product is really beneficial and now I can see the stains getting lighter. Thanks to the team who made this potent product.

  9. I am very happy to see that this product does not ask any rocket science process. They are really simple, comfortable and easy to use. It’s good to see that such products can help whiten the teeth as promised.

  10. Best thing about true white system is that I didn’t experience any side-effects even though it took a few uses to see their effects. But I am satisfied with the product and I would continue using it.

  11. Had been on a date with a girl last month and I could see her giving me that awkward look when I grinned. I had yellow teeth which takes away the charm from my face and it spoilt my date. Then I happened to come across true white system which is very helpful and within 3 weeks I could see the whiteness of my teeth. Now I can freely smile without having to worry about my how my teeth look anymore.

  12. This True White System teeth whitening product was recommended to me by my colleague when I complained about my teeth’s coffee stains. However, I was not convinced about an online product and decided to go get them whitened by the local dentist. But when I went there, I was told that it would cost an upwards of $700 to remove my stains. This was far more than I could afford. So, sulking, I decided to buy this online teeth whitening.

    However, the next thing I knew, I already had my teeth whitened by one shade (a significant improvement for me). It seems that these at-home kits are easy to use and work quickly. Now, I have already used the product for over two months and my stains are long gone. Its why I decided to come back and provide a detailed testimonial.

  13. Smoking had really spoiled my teeth and gums, especially my teeth! they had turned yellow and started to look embarrassing. Thanks to True White System, I could notice my embarrassing teeth turning white.

  14. I don’t know but my teeth had started to look discolored and yellow. I checked various reasons for the same online, but none of them were appropriate for me. So the only best way to tackle this situation while saving my money from consulting a dentist is through using teeth whitening products. So I ordered myself a pack of True White System. I must say, it is easy to use and as of now, I didn’t see any side-effects. My stains started to look less visible after the first use.

  15. I am really thankful to this product for being to easy to use. When I saw the product online, I thought it would be time-consuming and complex to use. But thank god it wasn’t. It takes hardly 10 mins to use this product.

  16. One look at the packaging and you realize that this is a high-quality product. And using it further solidifies this opinion.

    While other products have caused some teeth sensitivity problems for me, this one didn’t.

    I would have liked another mouth tray with this product but its a decent product for the price tag.

  17. I noticed my teeth becoming one shade whiter in just one use of True White System. I dont know if it will provide even better results but I am satisfied with this product.

  18. I am really thankful for True White System for helping me to keep my teeth clean and white. I must have hardly used this product but it showed me some results and no side-effects too.

  19. Satisfied with the risk free trial for True White System. This teeth whitener is working for me and I haven’t had any tooth sensitivity problems either. So, if you guys can, please send me another set soon.

  20. this true white system seems to be similar to another product sold on amazon with the same name. i don’t know if it’s the same product but the price of this one seems to be cheaper. hence, i got myself a set of this teeth whiteners. and i pay to god that you guys have a return policy in case i don’t like the results.

  21. The product is good, seriously! I really appreciate how the gel cause no burning sensation. I am satisfied with such easy to use product.

  22. I have used a different online buy teeth whitener before. It didn’t give any of the effects this one did. Don’t know if this was because true white is better of if that one sucked. Either way, I’m satisfied with this bleaching product.

  23. Hi, Just wanted to let you guys know that this product is working for me. I have used it for about 3 days and I noticed my teeth getting whiter.

    I did notice some tooth sensitivity but after some ice, it went down.

    So, if you guys are interested, I suggest trying it out. It only costs a few bucks anyway.

  24. I got this product because I wanted to give a good impression at a job interview. Fortunately, I got to use it for a few days before the interview.
    And in those few days, my teeth shade improved by 3 shades.

  25. when i tried the true white system, i was not surprised when i found it was only enough for about 15 uses. still, for the cheap online price, it’s a decent bargain.

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