Importance Of Shiny White Teeth

By having the perfect set of white teeth, you can make the perfect impression in a crowd. This can prove extremely beneficial in both your personal and professional life.

Importance Of Shiny White Teeth For e.g., Shiny white teeth help you sail through an interview for a dream job by letting you make a perfect impression. Also, it can boost your confidence levels. Shiny teeth are responsible for giving you a total feel-good factor which shown in the confidence you portray.

Why You Need Shiny White Teeth?

Shiny white teeth boost your confidence levels, and hence you possess a confident personality. White teeth make you look younger than your age.

If you compare a stain-free teethed person to stained one, the person with stain-free looks attractive. This is why most people are looking to have teeth which are at least 2 shades younger that can boost their overall personality.

Even the dentist recommends teeth whitening as they state that people with shiny white teeth possess the perfect and beautiful smile.

However, it is difficult to maintain shiny white teeth as some of our habits can lower the brightness of the teeth. Below, you will be finding some of the most surprising things that ruin your teeth luster and shine.

Most Surprising Things That Are Ruining Your Teeth

There is a common defaulters’ list of things that ruin the teeth in terms of its beauty, appearance, and health. Some of them are -smoking habit, coffee, red wine, sugary foods, etc.

But, there are some shocking things that you never imagined could harm your teeth. Some of them might be your favorite but can degrade your teeth health.


Lemonade is a dangerous combination of acid and sugar. The formula for decay is bacteria that causes cavities while the acid and sugar cause tooth decay.

Lemons are extremely acidic and combining this fruit with the sugar makes it a potent cavity causer. Lemon slices in water are not nearly as bad as lemonade because there is no sugar involved.

Lemonade Can Lower Essential Minerals From The Teeth

When you eat something acidic such as fruit, it can strip the mineral off the teeth. Saliva in the mouth helps wash the acid away, but if you expose your teeth to acid too often, this will lead to acid wear. When erosion occurs, it can cause the teeth to become very sensitive, which makes eating and/or drinking very uncomfortable.

Not only that, but the teeth can become yellow-ish as the outer enamel layer is worn away and the dentin layer is exposed. Aesthetically, it isn’t pleasing either.

Cough syrup

Many cough syrups contain sucrose, fructose and citric acids. These ingredients can cause tooth decay and erosion. Many people take cough syrup right before they go to bed and after they brush their teeth.

The syrup remains on their teeth all night long. Some syrup has alcohol in them as well, which can dry out the mouth. When the mouth is dry, there is less saliva. The sugars and acids remain in the mouth and on the teeth.

A Cough Syrup Can Cause Tooth Decay And Erosion

Try to take the syrup with a meal, when there is more saliva present. If that isn’t an option, try to rinse with some water or try the pill form of the medicine instead.

Swimming pools

People who swim more than six hours a week in chemically treated pools may develop brown stains on their teeth. It is commonly called “swimmer’s calculus.” The chemicals in the pool mixed with the saliva can cause an unusual brown stain.

The Chemicals In The Water Can Lower The Teeth Brightness And Shine

The stain can be yellow to dark brown and will be found, for the most part, on the front teeth. Swimmers should have more frequent professional cleaning to remove this stain. Wearing an airtight mouth guard can help.

Why You Need Teeth Whitener?

It is challenging to maintain healthy, white and shiny teeth as most food items might be fit for overall physique but no for teeth.

This is why you need a product that can help remove plaque formation and bacteria. Also, it can help maintain oral fragrance and improve teeth coloration.

Teeth Whitening products like True White System can help brighten your teeth and blocks plague formation. The manufacturers of this product claim to provide shiny and bright teeth while working safely and healthily.

While most of your food items, drink, and toxic habits might directly or indirectly harm teeth, True White System can help restore healthy oral health.

Try True White System

Bottom Line

Every year there has been an increasingly growing amount towards the demand in teeth whitening products. Also, the dentist offer teeth whitening treatments at their dental clinics but this ends up being too time-consuming. Sometimes, they are expensive and causes sensitivity to the gums which is extremely painful.

Whilst white teeth make you look attractive, you can try the True White System as an effective teeth whitening product. By ensuring to use True White System, you manage to get rid of all the stains present on your teeth.

This works as a secret mantra to look young, confident and attractive.

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